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Nice Group


Deliver greatest customer satisfaction through optimized customer service

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NICE has become the history of the Korean financial infrastructure industry.

Every moment over the last 34 years of NICE GROUP, we have ceaselessly tried to push the envelop. We have charted new territories in the financial infrastructure sector and become the one and only comprehensive infrastructure group in the world.

A formerly known as National Information & Credit Evaluation Inc., NICE GROUP was founded in 1986. It launched a comprehensive credit information service in 1989 for the first time in Korea and has gradually expanded its business scope into adjacent areas, including ATM, credit card VAN and asset management. Not resting on its laurels, NICE GROUP has created or entered into new business territories and established its business portfolio consisting of three major pillars: credit information, financial service and manufacturing.

  • Credit Information Business
  • Financial Service Business
  • Manufacturing Business
  • New Business
Credit Information Business
Encompasses corporate rating, individual rating, corporate information, asset management and bond valuation. NICE has an extensive database about the 43 million economically-active population of Korea 2.2 million companies information including public notified information, overdued information, as well as bad credit information. NICE also tries to vitalize the market of technical credit bureau. As the only indigenous credit rating agency in Korea, it delivers highly professional and reliable evaluation services concerning companies, their securities and countries. Building on the proprietary bond management system, we also provide scientific and systematic asset management as well as bond valuation services for over 10,000 domestically-issued bonds by utilizing cutting-edge financial engineering techniques.
Financial Service Business
Offers ATM & CD  VAN, credit card settlement, tax accounting and cash management services. NICE currently operates 21,000 ATMs nationwide and manages ATMs installed in some  6,000 spots while executing cash management services for distribution businesses. Our offerings also include marketing, industry and public opinion information necessary for  domestic companies, financial institutions and public agencies,; and sales tax return support services for 1.4 million SOHO business owners so that they can effectively handle tax accounting works
Manufacturing Business
Focuses on high-tech sectors, spanning from electronic components, mobile phone battery, touch panel, touch sensor to high-strength aluminum extrusion and manufacturing; and organically cooperates with the financial infrastructure service to create new, added values
New Business
Engaged in projects such as beauty contents, health equipment manufacturing and environmental-friendly packaging paper production. In the area of new business contents, In the new business area of manufacturing, we are pioneering manufacturing business based on high technology through the production of skin beauty equipment and environmental-friendly food packaging paper.

Within NICE GROUP, credit information, financial infrastructure and manufacturing businesses have delivered stable and balanced growth, which in turn has solidified the foundation for sustainable growth. NICE GROUP is committed to building a global financial infrastructure network on its bold innovativeness with creativity and professionalism.

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