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Nice Group


Deliver greatest customer satisfaction through optimized customer service

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  • Ethical Management
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Ethical Management

'Ethical Management' is the management philosophy that NICE GROUP pursues to ensure that every NICE member does the right thing in the right way.

Practice of Ethical Management
is easily delivered by observing the principles and right ways in the day-to-day work, and will lay the foundation for centuries-long prosperity. When each member of NICE GROUP seeks for ' inconvenient but the right way,' forgoing 'convenient but wrong ways,' the value will ultimately take root in the corporate culture that upholds the  philosophy and basic principles of NICE GROUP.
Online Ethical Management Office
is an online channel designed in 2012 when NICE GROUP achieved the 1-trillion-revenue mark to settle sound corporate ethics and culture and to facilitate intra-group communication. 'Online Ethical Management Office' is an efficient and effective window through which NICE people can readily make suggestions about not only right management but also other management issues.


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Ethical Management via on-line

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