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Nice Group


Deliver greatest customer satisfaction through optimized customer service

  • Overview
  • History
  • Value System
  • Ethical Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Location

Value System

The firmly-established value system and practices of NICE-way based on NICE’s management philosophy, mission, vision and slogan has facilitated shinning growth and development of the Company.

Having the value system in mind, our employees are making NICE into a beloved and reliable company from customers.

  • Management Principles

    Management Principles

    Principle-based Management Achieve consistent corporate growth by implementing management in a way that helps achieve fundamental purposes of corporate operation. Self-driven Management Allow autonomy and optimal empowerment, respecting the pioneer spirit and creativity of employees Fair & Transparent Management Create and maintain a corporate culture that acknowledges employees based on their competence and performance

  • Mission


    Networking 'i' for Creating Every Value

    Networking 'i' for Creating Every Value

  • Vision


    No. 1, Innovate, Challenge, Enjoy

  • Slogan


    Discover More Information Create Further Knowledge Deliver Better Solutions

    NICE GROUP Slogan Discover More Information Deliver Better Solutions Create Further Knowledge

  • NICE Way


    NICE  Way means 'the management philosophy, value and practices shared by all NICE people'  to deliver our vision and mission.

    NICE Way consists of five pillars: growth strategy, management platform, leadership, talents and corporate culture.
    • Growth Strategy: Principles deeply embedded in each business strategy to promote sustainable growth of NICE
    • Management Platform: Ways of work and management to create original and unique competitiveness of NICE
    • Leadership: Capabilities and R&Rs of NICE leaders
    • Talents: Basic requirements that NICE people should secure
    • Corporate Culture: The foundation of NICE and implicitly shared promise between NICE people
    1. Growth Strategy
    • 1-1. Fast Value & Scale Up: Growth by creating mission-conforming value
    • 1-2. Dominant No. 1: Competitiveness by providing differentiated value
    • 1-3. Globalization: Revenue generation from overseas business riding on the domestic No.1 position
    2. Management Platform
    • 2-1.  3S Management: Field-based, 'Speedy, Smart and Superexcellent' management
    • 2-2.  3 Innovation Management: Product, Process and Business Model innovation
    • 2-3.  One NICE Synergy: Unyielding challenge and cooperation for the shared goal of NICE GROUP
    3. Leadership
    • 3-1.  Visionary Pioneer: Pioneer trailblazing the future of NICE
    • 3-2.  Synergy Builder: Facilitator of NICE convergence
    • 3-3.  Moral Standard: Standard of NICE values, principles and rules
    4. Talents
    • 4-1.  Passion: Work ownership, goal-oriented absorption
    • 4-2.  Courage: Pursue a 5-times goal rather than a 5% goal. imagination and execution
    • 4-3.  Professionalism: Persistency, expertise, team work and shared value
    5. Corporate Culture
    • 5-1.  Enjoying: Fun to Work. Organization to imagine and enjoy
    • 5-2.  Winning: No.1 spirit, growth by learning from mistakes
    • 5-3.  Together: Win-win with stakeholders and the socie

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