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NICE Careers

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  • The Talents NICE embraces

The Talents NICE embraces

NICE GROUP pursues talents with Aspiration for positive change, Courage to create and control a new environment, and Professionalism for global business. NICE spares no efforts in nurturing “highly-specialized knowledge experts” with aspiration, courage and professionalism.

The Talents NICE Embraces

NICE Aspiration / NICE Professionalism / NICE Courage

NICE Aspiration
NICE pursues passionate talents who create newness out of nothing and who makes the impossible possible.
NICE people devote their passion to work and share it with other members.
NICE people love and cherish their work, no matter how trivial it is.
NICE people always aspire to positive change, never sitting on complacency.
NICE Courage
NICE people enjoy a new world and game, coming out of their comfort zone. NICE people challenge Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAGs) with far-sighted
NICE people challenge Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAGs) with far-sightedperspectives. Stretch 5%-goals to 5-times goals. Dream a greater dream and challenge to realize it.
NICE people challenge bureaucracy and always pursue added-value.
NICE people create and control, not belong to, an environment.
NICE Professionalism
NICE people are tenacious enough to complete whatever they start.
NICE people are specialized in their work, better than anyone else, and deal with the root cause, not the surface, of problems.
NICE people adopt smart approaches in the right way.
NICE people listen to others and constructively coordinate different opinions.
NICE people are equipped with global business capabilities and adequate manners.
NICE people embrace policies and shared values of the Group and each BU.

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